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What is 9 Wickets

9 Wickets is an outdoor cricket game also known as “9s” or “Nine Pins”. It originated in the United Kingdom and has gradually been promoted and developed around the world.

The playing field of 9 Wickets is usually oval or circular, with a circular target area with a diameter of 9 feet (about 2.74 meters) set in the middle, also known as a “column”. The game is usually played by two teams, each with 9 players, hence the name “9 Wickets”. The object of the game is to throw the ball into the opponent’s target zone by hitting the ball and try to prevent the opposing batsman from throwing the ball into his own target zone.

In 9 Wickets App, players can hit the ball with their hands or sticks instead of using a cricket bat. The bowler needs to throw the ball to the opponent’s target area and try to hit the opponent’s batsman as much as possible, so that the opponent loses the right to pitch. The batsman needs to try to avoid being hit and throw the ball to the opponent’s target area to score.

9 Wickets is a fast, furious and team sport that is usually played outdoors and has a large fan base in some regions. It’s a fun variation of cricket that’s loved by some.

9 Wickets online play

9 Wickets online play is generally based on official rules and regulations, but may vary by platform or game version. The following is a brief overview of how to play 9 Wickets online in general:

Login or Register: First, you will need to register an account on the 9 Wickets App gaming platform, or log in to an account you already have.

Create or join a match: On the game platform, you can choose to create a new match room, or join a match room created by other players. Typically, you can choose from different game types, venues and rules.

Form a team: In the game room, you can choose your team, usually each team consists of 9 players. You can choose your team members according to your preferences, or randomly assign players according to the rules of the game platform.

Game Start: Once the game starts, you’ll take turns pitching and hitting. The pitcher needs to choose the appropriate pitching method and target, and try to hit the opponent’s batter as much as possible, so that the opponent loses the right to pitch. The batsman needs to try to avoid being hit and throw the ball to the opponent’s target area to score.

Scoring and Game Progress: A batsman can score by successfully throwing the ball into the opponent’s target area. The progress of the game is usually judged on the basis of scoring and transition of possession until the predetermined end-of-game conditions are met.

Game results and rewards: After the game, according to the game rules and scoring situation, the game platform will announce the winning team and provide the winning team with corresponding rewards, such as points, gold coins or other virtual items.

reason to play


Mention the rewards and benefits in the 9 Wickets game, such as points, coins, gifts, etc.


The simplicity and easy-to-play features of 9 Wickets game can be easily played without complex skills or experience.

Positive Reviews:

Received great reviews from other players who have already played 9 Wickets App games and had fun

Offer a trial or free experience:

Provide new players with a trial or free trial opportunity, allowing them to understand the basic gameplay and fun of the game without paying, thereby encouraging them to further participate in the game.

Social Sharing:

Players can earn a tidy bonus by recommending the game to their friends or sharing the link of the game on social media.

Provide novice guides:

Provide new players with novice guides, tutorials or guidance for the game, so that players can easily get started and have fun in the game.

Organize events or competitions:

Organize special events or competitions, such as novice competitions, time-limited competitions, high-score challenges, etc., so that players have the opportunity to participate in the competition and get rewards.


Please note that different 9 Wickets game platforms or versions may have different rules and gameplay details, so when participating in online games, it is recommended that you carefully read the rules and terms of the platform or game to understand the specific gameplay.

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