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Casino games have always been an important way for people to entertain and socialize in India. And among these games, one of the most popular is “Teen Patti Real Cash”. The rules of this game are simple, the prizes are huge, and it is also very fun. If you are interested in this game then keep reading this article to know more about “Teen Patti Real Cash”.

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What is “Teen Patti Real Cash”?

“Teen Patti Real Cash” is an Indian poker game and a gambling game. Players can win prizes by predicting how the cards in their hand will compare to those of other players. The game needs to use a deck of Indian style playing cards (excluding jokers), each deck has 52 cards.

game rules

Before the start of each game, players need to place bets. After the betting is complete, each player is dealt three cards. Then, the game starts and players can choose to call, raise or fold. When all players have completed their actions, the last remaining player reveals their cards and compares them. Ultimately, the best combination of cards wins the entire prize pool.

In “Teen Patti Real Cash”, the ranking of card size and suit is different from traditional poker games. Specifically, in the game, the size relationship of the three cards is:

Three Aces is the best combination of cards

A straight (that is, three adjacent cards) is the second highest card combination
Three of a kind (for example three 8s) is the third highest card combination
The rest of the card combinations are sorted according to their points, the higher the points the better.

betting options

In Teen Patti Real Cash, there are many different betting options that players can choose according to their preferences and risk tolerance. Here are some common betting options:

Chaal: A call, where the player puts in the same amount of chips as the other players each round.
Blind: Blind bet, players make a fixed blind bet before they check their cards.
Show: Show cards, players place an additional bet before showing their own cards, and have the right to ask other players to show their cards as well.


how to download?

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